Residential Roofing Mission Statement

page-mission-smallOur residential roofing mission statement is the foundation of our company. In today’s fast-paced, business environment, it is essential to establish fundamental, ethical principles to achieve and maintain customer trust, decade after decade.



Brookside Roofing provides truthful information from industry-certified roofing professionals. We advise and service our customers honestly, always providing reliable, unbiased roofing information.

30+ Years in the Roofing Business

Over a quarter century of excellent roofing services, sufficient financial resources, trained trades people, business experience, project  planning workmanship  warranties, and adoption of technical developments could only be possible by using sound roofing business practices, and by always going the extra mile to assure that you receive the best service imaginable.

Business Practices

Many Toronto roofing professionals would like to “do the right thing” but a large number of obstacles make it difficult for most roofing companies to succeed operating a successful, honest roofing company. Some of the main reasons:

  • insufficient financial resources
  • poorly trained trades people
  • lack of business experience
  • inability to plan ahead
  • refusal to adopt with new developmentstechnical deficiencies
  • amateurish business attitudes

Trained Professionals

Like most businesses’ employee competence and loyalty is key. Brookside Roofing’s staff is consistently trained to perform their duties using the most updated roofing information and roofing practices available.

Unbiased Information

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone told the truth? Yes, it would. But many times, in business, the truth is hidden.

At Brookside Roofing, we advise and service our customers honestly,  providing reliable, unbiased roofing information. You may not always want to hear the truth because the truth may require you to make hard decisions about the roofing procedures and cost of doing the job properly. Nonetheless, we always offer you honest choices that will serve you – we will NOT compromise on integrity.

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