Residential Roofing Work Process


page-process-smallRoofing and re-roofing safety and procedures: The work process at Brookside Roofing assures you a clean, satisfying, guaranteed and safe residential roofing experience.





The Safety

process-safetyAll work is performed with one single idea in mind: To ensure that you, your family, and your neighbours happily survive any dangers involved during the work process, and we take every care and precaution to create reliable onsite safety. Our record of safety is 100%.

The Set Up

process-setupDepending on the size of the job, thousands of pounds of old roofing materials may be removed from your roof. So proper set-up to protect your home’s windows, siding, bricks, patios, decks (the list goes on) is a major concern. But worry not! We have every means at our disposal to guarantee success. Your home will be thoroughly protected using numerous safety measures to protect your property.

The Work

process-workMost re-roofing renovations are completed within 2 days. During the work process, a construction garbage bin will be placed in your driveway (or close to your house), and new roofing materials will be neatly positioned on your property, usually out of site. The work day begins at 8:00am and may continue to 6:00pm. If you are home during the work process, be prepared to hear constant hammering and power tools, and be sure to keep children safely away from all elements of the work site.

The Clean Up

process-cleanupBecause of our initial protection measures, clean-up is easy. At the end of each work day, your property will be completely swept and all materials and tools stacked neatly in a safe area. When the roofing project is finished, you can be sure that your property will look as it did before the work ensued, paying extra attention to any nails or dangerous objects lurking in the grass or walkways. Safety is our main concern at every stage.

The Satisfaction

process-satifactionYour roof is now complete… no more noisy hammers and dirty roofing equipment loitering around your house. The clean up is finished and your roof is now sparkling and new. Congratulate yourself! And relax and feel confident knowing Brookside Roofing installed your roof with every measure available to ensure the best workmanship possible. Your new roof is completely sound and guaranteed.

The Guarantee

process-guaranteeOur guarantee is simple, and we mean it, word for word: We are 100% responsible for the quality of workmanship on your roof. We guarantee our service with an iron-clad warranty that covers every inch of work we perform on your roof. If you are not satisfied, we gladly fix the problem.

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