Importance of Roof Ventilation

blog-ventilationWhy Ventilate?

Roof ventilation might seem like a minor consideration, but when done properly, it can extend the life of your attic and roof structure saving thousands of dollars in roof repair costs.

In the summer, hot, moist air in the attic can warp floor boards and roof sheathing and cause shingles to deteriorate. A hot attic also makes a home more difficult to cool and will result in added energy costs.

In the winter, an overheated attic melts snow and can form ice dams at the roof edge. Water will back up under shingles, wetting and damaging insulation and, eventually, the structure of the roof itself. Ice dams can even cause leaks inside your home, resulting in drywall damage.


Trapped heat and moisture in your attic can cost you plenty!

Roof Ventilation will:

  • Reduce moisture that can causes mould, mildew and wood rot.
  • Prevent moisture that can wet insulation and affect its efficiency.
  • Prevent ice build-up and ice damming at the eaves.
  • Extend the life of your shingles, warranties, and roof structure.
  • Keep upper floor rooms comfortable and cool during hot summer months.

Soffit Ventilation – The Key for Outstanding Roof Ventilation

vents2The Benefits of Soffit Ventilation
Soffit ventilation allows air to enter from the bottom portion of your roof. The air can then travel upwards to the top of the roof where it is expelled, removing trapped heat and moisture from the attic. It is scientifically proven that properly installing soffit vents creates a dry, cool attic and prolongs the life of your roof. It also prevents the upper floors of your home from overheat during the hot summer months. In winter, it can reduce or eliminate ice-dams from forming at the eaves, saving hundreds or thousands of dollars of damage to your shingles and roof structure.

Soffit Ventilation Inspection
Soffit Vents Help Roof Ventilation. Soffit ventilation (intake) only works effectively if an equal amount of ridge ventilation (exhaust) is present. Brookside Roofing offers a complete soffit and ridge ventilation inspection to ensure that the flow of air in your attic is performing to the 50/50 rule (the ideal ratio of intake and exhaust roof ventilation). Our comprehensive inspection will also reveal the condition of your attic insulation and roof boards, including kitchen, laundry and bathroom ventilation.


Bathroom Fans and Bathroom Ventilation

BathroomExhaustFansThe Benefits of a Properly Vented Bathroom
Bathroom ventilation is an integral part of a healthy, dry, cool attic, and a healthy attic is essential to increase your attic insulation effectiveness and to prolong the life-span of your roof and the structure of your home.

Bathroom Ventilation Fans
Many bathroom vents are directed into the attic where the heat and moisture play havoc with the insulation and roof boards. Correctly installed bathroom ventilation fans guarantee that the hot, moist air in your bathroom is properly expelled through the attic rather than becoming trapped inside the attic.

Protect Yourself from Faulty Exhaust Conditions
Along with bathroom ventilation, heat and moisture from kitchens and laundry rooms may also be improperly directed into your attic. This is a serious condition that can cost thousands of dollars of damage such as wood rot, termite infection, and various moisture/heat related conditions.

Why Hire a Roofing Company to Install Bathroom Fans?
Brookside Roofing understands the ventilation requirements of your entire house, from the basement to the roof. Since most bathroom fans ventilate the air out through the roof, you can be sure Brookside Roofing knows the best method to properly install your bathroom fan – including your kitchen and laundry room fans.

The Benefits of Ridge Ventilation

RidgeVentRidge ventilation is a simple roof ventilation system using soffit vents to allow mother nature to easily pull damaging heat and moisture out of your attic without using any electricity, power, or batteries. It is the most cost-effective way to ventilate your roof. As you already know, a well-ventilated roof is a good roof.

How Ridge Roof Ventilation Works
The Wright brothers used an amazing natural method to allow heavy objects to defy gravity. Scientists refer to it as the Bernoulli’s Principle. It is based on negative air-flow. Ridge roof ventilation works using the same basic principle. An external baffle creates low pressure over the vent to “pull” air from the attic.

This is the most attractive and efficient ventilation device. Its low profile design minimizes its appearance on the roof, while its external baffle provides maximum air flow. It is installed along the ridge of the roof beneath the ridge shingles. This type of ridge vent creates the greatest air flow in all wind conditions by creating a negative air pressure that effectively pumps air from the attic.

VentilationEnergy Free Roof Ventilation
New air moves throughout the attic, over the entire length of the attic. Trapped heat and moisture are then released through Roof Ventilation. Air Flow gives your roof and attic the relief needed to properly function.

The 50/50 rule receives optimum roof ventilation using the ridge ventilation system: 50% of the intake air-flow starts at the soffit vent area and the other 50% is expelled at the ridge area.

It is crucial that the soffit vents are free of any debris or attic insulation. Contact Brookside Roofing for additional ridge ventilation information.

Solar Roof Ventilation

SolarventcroppedThe Benefits of Solar Roof Ventilation
Solar roof ventilation fans deliver power directly from the sun expelling hot air, providing fresh, cool air to keep your attic from overheating even in reduced light and poor weather conditions and provide maximum cooling effects when it’s needed most – in the middle of the day. Solar roof vents operate without fuel, waste, or pollution and are wind, hail, and impact resistant. Solar vents require no wiring or electrical hook up

Solar Roof Ventilation 12 Months a Year
A correctly installed solar attic fan runs from sun-up to sundown, summer or winter, at no cost for operation. With air in the attic space constantly being circulated during the day, attic space temperatures remain lower thus preserving the integrity of one of your greatest investments, your home.

The benefits of solar attic ventilation are numerous, while making our world a cleaner and better place to live. Consider letting the sun cool your hot attic space and save you money 12 months a year. Contact Brookside roofing for more information about solar roof ventilation.

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