The Beauty of Cedar

The Best High Wind Roofing Shingles



page-cedar-smallCedar is light-weight and can stand 50 years of Mother Nature’s abuse. It is the best high wind roofing shingle. We also repair damaged cedar roofs.





Cedar’s protective qualities makes it the best choice. A wood roof keeps your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. As an insulator, nothing even comes close to the efficiency of cedar shakes. They have more than twice the insulating value of asphalt shingles.


In terms of strength, cedar is the clear choice. Cedar improves the structural stability of your home, while weighing 75% less than asphalt. In wind tunnel testing, cedar roofing has endured winds in excess of 130 miles per hour.


Due to the natural recovery of wood fibres, cedar provides superior protection against hail, high winds, as well as thermal shock associated with freeze-thaw conditions. In short, cedar shakes provide protection that lasts, even in the most extreme climates.

Additional Protection

page-cedar-small2Cedar Breather® preserves the beauty and life of wood roofing. As an underlayment for wood shingles and shakes. Cedar Breather provides space for a continuous airflow between the solid roof deck and the cedar shingles. This patented three-dimensional design allows the entire underside of the shingle to dry, eliminating excess moisture, preventing thermal cupping and warping, and reducing potential rotting.

For quick and easy installation, Cedar Breather rolls out over standard 30 lb. felt, installs without any special tools, and eliminates the need for furring strips. Its fire-resistant nylon matrix remains unaffected by UV light, heat or cold, for long-lasting, durable cedar roof performance.

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