Residential Flat Roofs

Complete Residential Flat System flatroof-v2Our flat roof system is factory authorized, multi-layered, and energy efficient. Cost effective, 10 year guarantee on workmanship.





Complete Residential Flat System

We don’t just ‘patch’ your roof, we provide you with a completely new waterproof multi-layer membrane flat roof system.

Well Supported Multi-Layered System

We are a factory authorized dealer for some of the oldest and most trusted manufacturers in the roof coating industry, with products to suit any type of special flat roof application.

No Smelly Tar Kettles!

Our flat roof system is fast, clean, light weight and energy efficient. Unlike traditional flat roofing, there are no nasty and smelly hot tar kettles or overflowing dumpsters with roof debris.

Extra Benefits

Our system has been put through it’s paces, tested for energy efficiency, and has come out on top with a 40% savings on energy costs.

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Request an estimate and a no-nonsense, iron-clad roofing guarantee.

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