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Toronto Residential Skylight Installation and Repairs

Including Replacement Residential Dome Skylights The Beauty of Residential Skylights A well-placed skylight in your home’s bathroom, living room, or kitchen can bring an extra level of enjoyment to your lifestyle. Residential Skylight Installation Save Energy... read more

How to Prevent Ice Dams on Roofs

Get Ready Now to Prevent Hazardous Roof Ice Dams this Winter You’ve seen it many times – a mass of heavy ice collecting at the eaves of a roof. But did you ever wonder why these dangerous icicles form? The answer is simple: Trapped heat in your attic melts... read more

Roof Snow Removal

Removal of Heavy Roof Snow can Prevent Thousands in Damages Most of us simply do not realise the damage all that heavy snow on a residential roof can cause, and the longer the snow sits the more damage it creates. Water can enter the attic and damage insulation,... read more