New Roof Construction and Renovations for Builders

Are You a Home Builder in Toronto? Stop Playing Around with Incompetent Roofers!



roof-repair-v2A roofing company should be much more than just shingle bangers. Brookside offers a full circle of procedures including proper roof attic ventilation, roof solar ventilation, customized copper and metal, complete slate and cedar applications and flat roofing. We also work for optimum roof ventilation for new roof construction for renovation energy savings.

With 30 years of residential home roofing repairs, roof replacement, and renovations Brookside offers quality roof services in the Toronto area specializing in new roof construction.

CertainteedAs experts, our tradesmen are fully qualified to install the finest roofing products. Education is everything! As a full member of CertainTeed’sQuality Master Shingle and Roofing Programs, you can be confident that the job will be done right at every stage – including top-notch warranties and guarantees.


New Roof Construction Guarantees

Brookside guarantees that every square inch of work performed will comply with all products we use on your home. After all, our company was founded on education, practical knowledge, customer satisfaction, and unbiased roof information.


Guaranteed Service and Protection for New Roof Construction

Warranty25WEB_30As experts in residential roofing, Brookside should be your first point of contact. So get ready to prevent your roofing head-aches by hiring a company with education, competence, and commitment!

Outstanding Workmanship for New Roof Construction

At Brookside, our workmanship exceeds our competitors because we always install shingles according to strict manufacturer codes and we know how to shingle a roof. These codes will always ensure that the work is guaranteed to “go the distance”. In addition, we provide many options to enhance shingle application with up-to-date roof ventilation methods that will keep any roof and attic running smoothly and efficiently.

As you may already know, roofing manufacturers guarantee their shingles and roof products, but many of these shingle guarantees lack value. Why? Because the shingle manufacturers cannot be sure that their shingles will be installed properly. Without a roofing contractor who can properly install their shingles, warranties become instantly void. With this being true, you can easily understand how crucial it is that shingles and all work performed on a roof are installed with absolute exactness.

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