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Why Pay for a Roof Inspection After all, there are hundreds of Toronto and GTA roofing companies willing to provide an inspection at no charge


page-inspection-smallA roof inspection requires in-depth investigation and digging. It requires investing the time to  comprehensively examine ALL aspects of your roof..  A quality roof inspection is a relatively small investment;the value is both short and long-term savings.



 Here’s What Your Brookside Roofing Inspection Delivers:

  • Up close and personal look at the condition of your shingles. This is the starting point that will determine if you actually need a roof replacement.. We will tell you honestly if you need a new roof or if some roof repairs will suffice.
  • A thorough Investigation of what is happening UNDERNEATH your shingles. The wood your shingles are nailed to is the foundation of your roof. This cannot be left to chance. You will know the condition of material underneath your shingles.
  • Moisture and condensation level under your roof: Get the truth about the next most important level of your roof – the attic areas. We specialize in attic health because your attic impacts everything from your roof to your basement.
  • Roof Insulation and Ventilation: You may not need roof insulation, but we cover that too because your roof insulation, or attic insulation, has an extremely positive or negative effect on your roof.
  • Receive 100% UNBIASED information: This is the real value for paying a fee for a roof inspection. You get the whole truth. All the information is about doing what is right rather than a roofing company trying to sell you what THEY want to sell instead of what your roof NEEDS.

If You’re Expecting Professionalism – Fast is Definitely Not Advised

Most roofing companies offering free estimates are generally in a rush to look at your roof and offer a basic, assessment that does not cover all the more detailed important components of your roof. This alone can be a big mistake and will almost always lead to a poor job in the final analysis.


page-inspection-image2Contact Brookside Roofing for an in-depth roof inspection.
We guarantee your roof inspection will cover you from all angles.

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