Including Replacement Residential Dome Skylights

ResidentialSkylightsThe Beauty of Residential Skylights
A well-placed skylight in your home’s bathroom, living room, or kitchen can bring an extra level of enjoyment to your lifestyle. Residential Skylight Installation

Save Energy
Skylights create additional natural light in any room of your home, adding value to your home, while reducing your energy costs.

Guaranteed Leak-Proof Installation
As a leading Toronto skylight installation expert, we can assure you of professional workmanship and a leak-proof installation guarantee.

Skylight Styles and Sizes
Skylights come in a huge selection of styles and sizes. Whether you need a 2×2 skylight installed directly over your kitchen sink, or an 8×8 skylight to open up your living room, Brookside Roofing can help you make the right choice.

Why Hire a Roofing Company for a Skylight installation?
It is always a risk when opening up a roof because rain always finds the easiest way to cause a leak. Proper skylight installation is absolutely essential. As experts in roof leak protection, Brookside Roofing can install your skylight with the knowledge truly needed to do the job right.

Is your Skylight Leaking?
Skylights are very susceptible to leakages. If your skylight is leaking we can fix it and guarantee that it never leaks again.

Contact Brookside roofing for more information about skylight installation and skylight repairs.